Friday, November 20, 2009

7 points about wearing a CB-6000

1) I cannot close my legs as my thighs will press against the plastic cage. I have to walk with my legs slightly open too since my thighs rub against the cage.

2) I have to urinate sitting down and I have to align my pee-hole with the slit in the plastic cage. This is a surprising joy for me since I feel like a girl having to sit down every time to pee. It is also erotically humiliating since whenever I go to a public toilet I gaze enviously at the other guys who just need to unzip their pants and urinate, how I miss being able to stand up normally while peeing! Peeing in public toilets also adds another dimension to my humiliation since usually in male toilets the toilet seat is splattered with pee, I have to wipe the pee off before sitting down and it feels so disgusting yet joyful. I have to use a tissue to wipe the slit of the cage after peeing (if I'm in a public toilet) or I rinse the slit of the cage with water when I am in the toilet at home.

3)The CB-6000 adds heft and bulk to my crotch so every time I move I am reminded that my balls are in a cage! Also I have to take note to wear loose pants or jeans or else the protruding bulk is visible to others.

4) Sleeping with the CB-6000 on is an agonizing experience. So far I've only spent two nights wearing it but let me say it's such a tortuous experience. I can't lie on my stomach (which is how I usually sleep) , and surprisingly I can't lie on my back either. Lying on my stomach makes the cage press against my penis and I get aroused, and the futile attempts of my penis to get erect while trapped in the cage is so painful. I can't lie on my back either as somehow the hefty cage will tilt slightly to the left or right and again I get aroused. I've found the best way to sleep in the CB-6000 is to lie on my side, with a pillow in between my legs. This way I don't "feel" the cage and I can briefly go to sleep. Note that I say "briefly" since I have not managed to get proper sleep the past 2 nights wearing the cage, and it seems from other blogs that it takes up to a month to get used to sleeping in the CB-6000!

5) I notice that whenever I get aroused pre-cum leaks like crazy in a steady drizzle from the slit of the cage, so I have to wear underwear even when I am at home and I find myself having to change underwear a lot more often. The leaking pre-cum  creates a wet-spot on my underwear and again this makes me feel very effeminate.

6) It's not that incredibly painful to get aroused while in the cage, it definitely hurts a little but it also makes me feel very feminine to not be able to get an erection.

7) In order not to be tempted to unlock myself, I leave the key at home while at work, and I secretly put the key in my parents' room in the evening, so that at night when I am in bed (in my room) and I am tempted to unlock myself I can't do so since I would have to enter my parents' room and wake them up. The important thing is to put the key in an inaccessible place so there is zero chance to unlock myself.

It's only been 3 days and 2 nights while wearing the cage and I have only unlocked it about 3 times to quickly wash the cage and my balls before immediately putting it back on. But somehow I am already getting used to having a plastic cage in between my legs 24/7. Having the CB-6000 on actually feels very "natural",as in I feel naked when I take it off. Despite the pain and discomfort, my penis and balls feel very happy to be caged.

I intend to wear it for the long-term, so I will be experimenting with prostate-milking in the future to release the semen. The thought of saying goodbye to erections/ejaculations/orgasms/masturbation/peeing standing up is terrifying yet enticing!


Welcome to my blog. Here's an introduction of myself!

I just bought a CB-6000 two days ago and I intend to wear it on a daily basis. I'm 21 next year and I consider myself to be a closet bisexual and a closet crossdresser. No one knows I'm attracted to guys just as much as girls, and no one knows I've put on my mom's clothings and bras and panties when no one is at home. I've never acted on my instincts and dated guys nor have I ever cross-dressed in public because my friends are homophobic (and also hostile towards bisexuals) and my parents are very conservative. Besides this, I've also found BDSM to be attractive and hopefully one day I can become a submissive or even a slave.
So buying the CB-6000 is my way of taking baby steps towards "coming out" eventually, so that one day I can come out as a bisexual, a cross-dresser and as a bottom. The whole concept of locking my balls in a plastic case had been on my mind since I was 16, I've always wanted to see if I have what it takes to be a submissive and to see how long I can go on while denying myself the joys of ejaculation and masturbation or even the joy of simply getting an erection.

If you (the reader) has any questions or has any suggestions or advice about wearing a chastity device or cross-dressing or being bi please post them in the comments section.